Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Square of Sunshine

Did you ever buy a pair of mint Extravaganza Office loafers (so irresistibly beautiful) but didn't know what to wear it with? Well, worry no more since I've found a few tips for you!
I find these polished pair very hard to accommodate with the rest of my wardrobe. But I loved they're kawaii + intellectual look so I had to purchase them... It's quite a simple equation:

Pretty + Affordable + Comfy = Must-buy

Tip 1: When owning a pair of shoes, that you normally wouldn't go for, get inspired by the image it sends you. These shoes made me think of an elegant, casual weekend outfit. This look has to stick to your personality, so make sure to stay yourself! 

Tip 2: If you go for patterned trousers, such as above, be careful to keep your makeup fresh, simple and discrete. These type of pants give a lot of colour and details to the outfit so it's good to balance it out with a delicate mise-en-beauté. Here, I went for a rosy lipstick (SEVENTEEN!) and a thin layer of mascara.

Tip 3: Put on your shades, and you're ready to go enjoy a lovely spring day full of sunshine!

- S.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

London Fashion Week ♚

A week ago, I got the opportunity of going to the London Fashion Week. This was my first fashion event. I was about to discover a little more about how the art and business of fashion worked like.

One of my first discoveries was the showroom. I had searched the definition online before (“A room used for the display of goods or merchandise”) but I couldn’t quite imagine this ‘room’. Everything became clearer as I entered Wolf &Badger’s one; an assemblage of small brands getting their items bought by bigger ones. In Wolf & Badger’s case, they were new designers who had already done a few seasons (up to three). This was a way for them to have their brand’s name become a little more familiar to the public of fashion.
And so, the objects (from shoes to tea cups, for Wolf & Badger) are displayed on small rectangular tables, customized by the designers themselves. Brands try to put themselves in the spotlight with an interesting and appealing display. The customers come, searching for products with interesting materials, an en vogue style – And perhaps an invention? Such as Rosemary Goodenough’s simple but classy, revolutionary ties.
Before the appearance comes quality. This asset is outstandingly important for the customer. Everyday, designers look for new techniques to enhance quality. To make it better, neater. You could almost say, that such an accumulation of new ways of approaching the ideal of perfection is what (partially) makes the evolution of Fashion itself!
The choice of a certain fabric is quite significant, too. Why this particular fabric? The designer should be capable of answering. For example, the designer of Akapello, who chose such fabric for his wallets, said it was because it lasted longer and had a natural polished look that corresponded to the physical appearance he wanted.

When it comes to Wolf & Badger, diversity seems to be a very important element for its brand. The showroom proved it right from Oona’s modern vintage jewellery style to Judy Wu’s more geometrical garments. Each year, new faces come in, and out go a few old ones. This alternation also gives the showroom a more entertaining side compared to other brands that always invite the same people.
Furthermore, I found the ‘old school’ theme very interesting. Coming back to Coco Chanel’s system of models calmly parading while the guests are standing, either gazing at the outfits, intrigued, or discussing and socializing. It gives the room a more relaxed atmosphere.

Attending my first runway was maybe one of the most exciting moments of my life. I learnt a few things, too, concerning these events. For example, I found out about the organization of the seating for a catwalk. The seats are divided into sections, like the blogger/journalist section, the purchaser section, and the photographers placed at the end of the ‘alley’ to take the best shots. For big haute couture shows, personalities are also invited as special guests.
These people, forming the audience, aren’t invited randomly. They each have one particular role to play. Taking the ones I listed previously: The journalists are the critics of the show, the buyers are here to see the potential in the brand, and the photographers simply take pictures for websites/magazines.  When a designer starts his/her career, it is important for he/she to keep the room as full as possible. Zeynep Kartal’s show even had a few people standing during the fashion show.

Talking about Kartal’s catwalk, I noticed a few things about the show; as I browsed through the pictures of my phone, I realized that the models seemed to be strutting from the darkest to lightest colours. The show started with a glitzy grey, went through a fiery red phase (my favourite moment), and ended with ghostly white gowns. I also observed a ‘Bollywood chic’ theme.
These kind of garments have fore marketing target a ‘mature’ woman, in other words around her thirties. This collection is also more of a soirée type.

- S. 

  P.S: Hope you enjoyed this post! I will be active again, I was just taking a little break from blogging.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shimmering ✯

Sorry for the little break  

A week ago, I had just enough time to go to the Zara sales which were a-ma-zing. I added two little items to my wardrobe, and this pearly pale shirt was one of them. It strongly resembles a vintage satin pyjama top (very fancy). I especially had a little coup de coeur for the print. It's so adorable! 

This shirt is quite low-necked so I found in a small antique shop, near my house, this shimmery leaf brooch to cover up in an elegant way. In the sun, this brooch reflects all sorts of colours in all sorts of directions - it's magical!

- S.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Kaleidoscope Tee ♢

Hey guys! 

In my latest and favourite purchases, I bought a kaleidoscope-patterned tee from Topshop. I've plunged back into the addiction of this particular design. It all started a few years ago with one of McQueen's last catwalks. This show has literally scarred me for life (in a nice way). 

The first time I wore it, I was at a friend's house and we took pretty cool shots with polaroids! This tee goes well with basically everything I wear since this year has been my "navy" year. Yes, I've observed that during some years I have stuck to mainly one colour. Weird, isn't it?

Anyways, I hope you darlings are having a great start in 2014. Mine's okay for now, I'm still feeling a bit 'nostalgic' about the past year. But with all the plans ahead of me, I'm sure everything's going to turn out better! 

- S.

Monday, 13 January 2014

☁ Southern Winter ☁

First post of 2014! Woop di woop! Happy [kind of late] New Year!
☁ ☁ 
So, today, I thought I'd show off my new long winter coat to you guys, but also make you discover the creepy-ish side of south of France ; That is during the winter. It's quite a repetitive weather, in other words: crispy blue sky, icy wind, thunderstorm, crispy blue sky, icy wind, thunderstorm... and so on. I might be sounding very negative in this post but I don't mean to.

The pictures above don't seem to show it, but sometimes I wonder why horror films aren't set in this part of the world. I think that the South of France has quite a spooky atmosphere during the winter. Especially with the row of vines that seem to be red hands ending with sharp claws, reaching out from hell. My imagination gets carried away easily, excusez-moi

I'd like to mention also the stillness of this land. No tourists and barely any inhabitant. Unlike birds, they've all migrated towards the North for the festival season.

- S.

Monday, 30 December 2013

NYE: Nails ✴

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I suppose everyone is getting all fancy to party till dawn! I figured that I couldn't do any outfit suggestions because I'm still too young to go to classy parties and couldn't do any makeup/hair suggestions either, since I do not own any party-ish products. So, I found myself falling back into the nail art section (which isn't a bad thing)! 

1. Strike !

My first manicure is quite easy but nevertheless cool. For this one, I did my normal two layers of hot pink nail polish. I let it dry, cleaned the edges as per usual and added my final touch: the silver strike. To get the look of this manicure correctly, don't try making a flawless line! I took a q-tip, cut one of the ends into a pointy end, dipped it into my nail polish (like a pen in ink) and starting drawing my line. And here's your result! I really love this silver nail polish by Ciate; it's super flashy and fun.

2. Snowfall

This one's very wintery and sparkly. I chose this light blue and chunky glitter nail polish to give my manicure a touch of frostiness. It's very simple, too. Apply two layers of light blue nail polish and add, as a top coat, a layer of glitter nail polish. To put it on correctly, use the "dab, dab, and glide" technique. Tada!

3. Firecracker

I must admit, that this one is a little harder than the previous suggestions and a bit more time-consuming. It looks like the Snowfall manicure, but there's a little twist to it. First of all, do the normal single coat of light blue nail polish on both hands. As you do your second layer, do all your fingers except the one where you want the powder of sparkle to go. Do the second coat on the chosen finger let settle just a bit (a few seconds will do) and pour your powder onto it. Blow gently to let the powder incrust itself into the nail polish and also spread out onto other fingers. The sparkles will be concentrated on one finger and let the others shimmer a littler; it gives it this velvety touch and firecracker effect.

4. Sequin 

The colours of this manicure remind be the 1920's. This one is without a doubt the hardest manicure out of the four to make. Like before, start with the first coat of nail polish, add a second coat only on the fingers where you will not be applying any chunks of glitter, apply your glitter on the fresh coat of nail polish. And be careful to sprinkle it at approximately one centimetre above your nail without making any clumps of glitter. Don't touch anything. Just blow gently like before. Then, when your nail polish is pretty much dry, do your best to get rid of the useless chunks who have stuck on. Wash your hands and your manicure is finito!

✴ ✴ ✴

So there are my nail art suggestions! 
As a conclusion to this wonderful year, I hope 2013 was a great year for all of you. I'd like to thank everyone that follows, reads, and comments on my blog. I know it's a small 'business' but I still wanted to show my gratitude. I wish health and joy to everyone for 2014! Happy (early) New Year! 
- S.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Merry Christmas, honeys!
Can't take a normal pose, sorry 
These are some of the latest products I got. I discovered Seventeen a week ago and was very pleased by their products. I went back, just before Christmas, at Boots to get the Christmas deal! {Boots had pretty cool ones} If you spent at least £8 on Seventeen, you'd get an eyebrow kit for free. 

I went, firstly, for a liquid eyeliner. It was time I upgrade my makeup gear, since I was still using a pen eyeliner. I quite like this one. It's easy to apply, it dries super quickly. There's not much negative to say about this eyeliner. The only thing is that you must dip your tip back into the ink frequently or else half of the line on your eye will be pitch black and the other grey-ish.  

Ever since I took off my braces (YAY!), I've been looking for a lipstick. And, there, I snatched the opportunity. But I wanted my first lipstick to be quite natural. I wanted it to be peachy or delicately pink. I found this perfectly peachy one resembling a lipstick I had seen on Rita Ora. A split second later, it joined my liquid eyeliner. I've tried it once so far and was very pleased with it. I think I'll be pairing it up a lot with my Rimmel Mascara. 

As the two products added up to £8 (a little more ^^), I got my eyebrow kit. First of all, the packaging was uber pretty. Inside the kit, there is a little mirror, a brush, 1 wax compartment, 1 setting powder, 1 highlighter, and, finally, a brow pencil. I've tried it a little but first I have to go see a brow specialist (don't know what they are called exactly). My eyebrows are quite bushy. And obviously, it couldn't be the pretty way (aka Cara Delevingne's eyebrows). Anyway, I might write a more detailed review when my eyebrows will be beautiful and have an actual shape.

- S.